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Birthday-Easter2013 102Well, it’s been almost a year since the early morning accident where my car got run over.  I spent a few hours in the Emergency Room, missed several weeks of work, enjoyed two surgeries on my right hand, and then found out that the responsible driver had apparently suffered a medical emergency– which conveniently let his insurance company off the hook.  My auto insurance paid for the first $10,000, and then my health insurance reluctantly stepped up to the plate. After I paid the deductible, they covered approximately 80% of all hospital, surgical, and therapy expenses. It’s amazing how long it takes for the bills on that remaining 20% to drizzle in.  But now, eleven months later, I’m trying to pay as many bills as possible while they will still qualify for this year’s tax deduction.

I’m happy to report that there may be an end to this after all. The process has become predictable. They send me a bill, I remind them that there are two insurance companies involved, they submit the bill to my employer health insurance, and then something close to a final figure comes to me.  That’s were the whole thing gets frustrating. Once the insurance is done paying, and it’s my personal responsibility, I suddenly want to know what I got for all that money. Continue reading INDECIPHERABLE MEDICAL BILLS