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TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)


I love it when bits and pieces of the universe come together.  Like today.


  • Three  friends posted Facebook memes that clearly didn’t reflect their normal political positions.  No details here because I’ve sworn off politics on Facebook, and if we get distracted by today’s candidates, you’ll never finish this essay.  Suffice it to say that the text hadn’t really been read or considered.
  • One of my online feeds ran a piece about research proving that people rarely finish articles they see on the internet.  Apparently, almost 50% of readers won’t even scroll beyond the beginning screen to see how the article develops.  And, in spite of never getting far enough to know what the writer had to say, they would share and advise their friends to read the same article.
  • Another of my Facebook friends shared a posting with obviously false information.  And the whole thing was a result of at least two people not taking the time to read what they were claiming was absolutely essential information.  Information that could prevent daughters from being sold off as sex slaves.  Really.

The Facebook post warned that girls in the “Cedar Falls District” should be on the lookout for a letter from The Vector Company offering them a job opportunity. The writer said that she had Googled the company and found this article at Snopes.com.


The confounding thing is that the article simply explains how the rumors about the Vector Company trying to kidnap girls for human trafficking are entirely false and have been making the rounds of the internet for the last year.  I looked back at the original post, now only twenty-four hours old, a few minutes ago.  So far, the false warning has been shared by 111 more people, apparently without any of them having actually read the Snopes article.  Apparently, the drama of being shocked by human trafficking is more fun than the truth.  In fact, if the posters had scrolled down a tiny bit, they would have found the following.

Snopes1Now, I have no special love of the Vector Company.  All I Know is that they sell Cutco knives, a very good, but overpriced product. They sell knives with a lifetime warranty, and Shar and I have a couple of them that have lasted since we were first married.  That’s all I know.

It seems likely that this marketing program is like a lot of jobs offered to college students.  Sell magazines door to door.  Sell vacuum cleaners door to door.  Sell shaving cream door to door. They’re all pretty much the same, and I don’t really suggest that students go into them expecting to make a lot of money or come out of it feeling good about themselves.


I could go on and on, but apparently people today don’t read this far.

Read. Clear. To. The. End.