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Talking-to-Brick-WallEver feel like you’re talking to a wall?  Getting no respect?  They’re not even listening to you? Frustrating isn’t it?  Well, get used to it.  If any of the following situations describe you, you have no right to even express an opinion.

1. You cannot hold a valid opinion on war (or anything else, for that matter) if you are not a veteran.  A record of military service is used regularly as a litmus test for opinions on any local or national political issue. I’m repeatedly amazed at the letters to the editor that ask what some office seeker’s military record might be.  It doesn’t seem to matter all that much if the topic under discussion calls for knowledge of military matters.  If opposing candidates are both veterans, we can discuss issues.  If only one served, drafted or not, the issue is settled.

Sometimes, even being a veteran might not be enough. Continue reading 5 REASONS YOUR OPINION DOESN’T COUNT