January 12, 2015

Since retiring last year, and having a little more time to take up some new interests, I’ve been trying to do more of the cooking around our house.  None of these recipes is totally original, and I’ve tried to give credit to the original source.   Most have been personalized, at least to some degree, to make them a little easier or more fun to make.

In some cases my idea of how to prepare ingredients is affected by the fact that I really do get into chopping and slicing.   With other recipes, I’ve added or subtracted ingredients to better match my own tastes.  You’ll probably notice we use a lot of potatoes here.  What can I say?  I’m Irish.

At first, the number of recipes won’t add up to much.  I want them to include only things that I have made at least several times or more, and as a result, be recipes where most anybody can find success.


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